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Catch up with the very latest news and useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their marketing and digital presence.

blog ssl website security

Google SSL Security Changes

One of the first things you learn about “Internet security” is not to enter credit card details on an insecure website – to “look for the padlock” to ensure the website is “secure”.


blog cloudfare protect school websites

SSL Security and DDoS Protection Included as Standard by INCO

In 2015, when DDoS attacks on schools were unheard of, one of INCO's clients was attacked with a 2Gbps attack.


business ict finance services mats academies

Business, ICT and finance services for MATs and academies – is it time for a change?

With so many additional pressures on academies and MATs, such as controlling their financial spending, managing their support services efficiently and keeping their community up-to-date, it’s no wonder why so many are not succeeding.


blog schools need digital strategy

Mobile apps for schools – why it’s the right choice for your community

School mobile apps are a great way of transferring instant data to your community. The increase in accessibility, combined with admin efficiency savings, makes it an extremely popular choice with...


blog ofstead expectations on school website

Is your school website legally compliant?

Great school web design and content can play a very big part in reaching out and building positive connections with your school community.


make school open evening success

How to make your open evening a success

It’s back to school, back to reality and back to the daily routine. With your eye on so many different aspects of school life, not least settling in your new...


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