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Catch up with the very latest news and useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their marketing and digital presence.

blog school impact on number of people

What change can a school make that will have the biggest impact on the largest number of people?

It might be thought that the answer to the question above would involve the opening of a new facility, the introduction of a new syllabus, the arrival of new staff or something along those lines.

blog converting to an academy

Converting to an Academy? INCO Provides a Fully Integrated Solution to School Rebranding

There has been a huge push in recent years to change regular schools into publicly-funded academies, with the aim being to theoretically raise standards by freeing themselves from local authoritative control.

blog approach to college web design development

Our Approach to College Web Design and Development

Running a college online marketing campaign is an ongoing and intricate process, full of co-operation and innovation. Communication and ease of use is highly important and therefore the web strategy must be designed expertly with staff and students kept in mind at all times.

blog ten most important items on school website

What are the ten most important items that you really should have on your school website?

This topic arose during a discussion I was having with colleagues when the issue of revising a school website came up. Just what should be there?

blog school website on your mobile device

Most people who view your website do so via a mobile device. So should you be doing anything to make life easier for them?

Over 50% of the people who access your school website will do so on what is now known as a mobile device. Which is to say a smart phone or a tablet.

blog eight factors makes school website effective efficient

The eight factors that make a school website both effective and efficient

Any survey of school websites will quickly reveal the enormous differences there are between one school's site and the next. Some look busy and active and are easy to navigate, others look, well, less modern and less sophisticated.

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