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Do Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have to play in enhancing communications with parents?

In the past year there have been stories of the Headteacher, dismissed by the school governors for commenting on a student Facebook page, and of parents who have used Twitter to exchange negative comments about the school that their children attend.

blog the way people view a school

The way in which people view a school is dependent on certain specific factors

Schools are seen in different ways by different people. Some will perceive the school as friendly, some will find it effective, others will see it as modern, some perhaps as outgoing...

blog radical change to school website

How a radical change to the school's website can make a radical change to the school

Every school is different, of course. But when a school finds that a change made to its procedure has a significant effect on its work, then it is worth taking note.

blog how parents see your website

How do parents see your website?

Over 50% of websites are now viewed via mobile devices - which means that if you have a website that can't readily be seen on a mobile phone or a tablet, then you are going to be putting your technologically advanced parents at a disadvantage.

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