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Are your school website images being legally used?

are your school website images being legally used

Everyone needs a website these days – and that includes schools. Whether you’re a small primary, all-age educator, or an established independent, your website is an extension of your brand identity, learning culture and future vision. On a practical level, it connects students with learning material, parents with education progress and your wider learning community with an opportunity to keep up.

But what do you know about your website’s legal compliance? INCO Education discusses The European Court of Justice’s new ruling on the copyright ownership of images.

Your website needs to be current and interactive, but always legal

There are many web designers that can help you to design and deliver a website that fulfils your criteria, but are they also familiar with the latest legislation in relation to copyright, what needs to be included, how it should be presented, and then be in a position to help you manage your site going forward?

The fact is your school website needs to be expertly managed and developed by a partner that specialises in this field. That’s why more and more schools choose to work with INCO Education.

“We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest legislation and important requirements for school websites, alongside other technology and design developments,” said INCO. “Yes we can a build great looking school website, that’s interactive, practical, etc. But, we also make sure it’s legal.”

New ruling on use of web images by The European Court of Justice (ECJ)

A good example of this is the recent ECJ ruling on use of copyright web images. They have recently determined that a website must get permission from the copyright owner of an image before it can be used on a website, even if that photo or illustration is readily available elsewhere on the web. Simple as that might seem, there are wide-ranging issues for schools, and these need to be checked out by your website designer.

The implication? Every website will need to make sure that before they post images, that they have the permission to do so. In essence, everyone is going to re-educate themselves about what is (and is not) permissible online if they are not to fall foul of the Law. Do you have time to do that? If not, we do!

Is your website legal? Want to find out? Feel free to contact us for quotes or any other general enquiries.

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