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inco education DFE guidance on publishing careers information

DFE guidance on publishing careers information

Earlier this year, the DfE updated their guidance on what academies, free schools and colleges should publish online. This update is likely to have slipped under many schools’ radar.

are your school website images being legally used

Are your school website images being legally used?

Everyone needs a website these days – and that includes schools. Whether you’re a small primary, all-age educator, or an established independent, your website is an extension of your brand identity, learning culture and future vision.

business ict finance services mats academies

Business, ICT and finance services for MATs and academies – is it time for a change?

With so many additional pressures on academies and MATs, such as controlling their financial spending, managing their support services efficiently and keeping their community up-to-date, it’s no wonder why so many are not succeeding.

inco education budget 2016 academy

Budget power! Making the most of your academy status

George Osborne has now delivered his 8th Budget since becoming Chancellor and it would appear that yet more changes are afoot for English schools.

blog spending review

UK Spending Review and Its Effect on School Funding

Education, described by the chancellor as the “door to opportunity”, will have a new national funding formula from 2017. The changes to the allocation of school funding will set at a national rate for each pupil, with extra funding available to those with additional needs.

blog cloudfare protect school websites

INCO partners with Cloudflare to protect school websites

One of INCO's servers was hit with a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against a school website. This hit the server with 2Gbps traffic. The server was re-enabled after the initial attack ceased but the attack started again.

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