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Category: School Websites

blog weekly newsletter

The weekly newsletter is inevitably focussed on content rather than design

Of course, providing parents, students and staff with information about the week by week running of the school is vital, and nothing should slow down the production of this channel of communication.

blog what makes brilliant school website

What makes a brilliant school website?

Take a look around the internet at the websites of the schools in your area, and the chances are you will see a variety of different styles, approaches and designs.

blog everything that must on your website

Everything that must be on your website

There are a large number of mandatory issues, essential facts and highly desirable details that should be on every school website. In 2012 the government laid down details through legislation, which have to be on every school website, from admission arrangements to details regarding the pupil premium.

Blog managing expectations from start

Managing expectations from the start

Re-designing the school prospectus and website is a major undertaking, not least because the new design has to meet the requirements of all the various stakeholders in the school, from governors and teachers to parents and students.

blog school impact on number of people

What change can a school make that will have the biggest impact on the largest number of people?

It might be thought that the answer to the question above would involve the opening of a new facility, the introduction of a new syllabus, the arrival of new staff or something along those lines.

blog converting to an academy

Converting to an Academy? INCO Provides a Fully Integrated Solution to School Rebranding

There has been a huge push in recent years to change regular schools into publicly-funded academies, with the aim being to theoretically raise standards by freeing themselves from local authoritative control.

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