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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

Do Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have to play in enhancing communications with parents?

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In the past year there have been stories of the Headteacher, dismissed by the school governors for commenting on a student Facebook page, and of parents who have used Twitter to exchange negative comments about the school that their children attend.

In the light of such situations it is easy to assume that by and large the social media has little to do with the positive promotion of the school.

And yet, although these stories made the news, there are many thousands of schools that are utilising social media effectively and positively, as a means of engaging with parents.

For schools that are using social media in a positive way, it is important that parents are able to access the school's social media links directly from the school's website and vice versa.

A few examples of such sites include:

Clapton Girls' Academy (Twitter)

St Peter's RC High School, Manchester, UK (You Tube)

In all the above cases schools are using the social media to reach out to parents and disseminate information via popular media which can be integrated to the website.

Many schools are engaging with at least one social medium (Twitter is the most common) which then leaves those schools which fail to embrace such developments as appearing to be less immediate and active, in the parents' eyes.

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