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Managing expectations from the start

Blog managing expectations from start

Re-designing the school prospectus and website is a major undertaking, not least because the new design has to meet the requirements of all the various stakeholders in the school, from governors and teachers to parents and students.

And the end product has to incorporate all the requisite information in a format that is pleasing to the eye and user friendly.

Early and organised consultation with all interested parties about the design and content of the website and prospectus is clearly the best way forward.

Many schools are expert at ensuring that all points of view are fully expressed from the start so that they are able to incorporate them where appropriate into the new design.

But some schools do find that bringing in an outside organisation to handle the consultations with all relevant parties can facilitate the process.

It can ensure that from the outset everyone feels that they have been fully consulted at all stages and that all ideas are being given full consideration. No one is left with the feeling of being left out of this important process; expectations are managed right from the start.

We can work with your school at any stage in the process. If you wish us to handle the initial consultation process, we can arrange joint workshops with everyone involved in the school in order to gain everyone’s opinion and give feedback on the decisions that are being made step by step.

However if you have already been through the consultation process and have your brief ready, we can work with you from that point onwards.

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