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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

Mobile apps for schools – why it’s the right choice for your community

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School mobile apps are a great way of transferring instant data to your community. The increase in accessibility, combined with admin efficiency savings, makes it an extremely popular choice with today’s leading educators. It’s a fun way of encouraging interaction on many different levels and getting your whole community involved in school life – wherever they might find themselves..

Improved school-home comms

It’s true that we now spend twice as long online with our smartphones as we do on laptops. This reflects the way we work, communicate and live generally. Everyone is on the move. Schools, therefore, need to find efficient ways of engaging with their stakeholders and maintaining constant and effective mobile communication around the clock.

Whilst your school website remains a great way of communicating information to your community about your curriculum, expectations, standards, vision and values, etc users have to consciously make an effort to log on and access it. This can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating for parents, particularly if they can’t quickly navigate your menu and get to where they want to be.

Smart, powerful and instant

Mobile apps are a very powerful, instant tool that more and more schools prefer. It minimises the need for unnecessary and costly printing and office paperwork, is easy for parents/students to access, and is quick and simple for schools to manage and send up-to-date content.

Bringing your community together

The good news is there are lots of great school apps out there that can help you to connect. These are designed to mirror the look and feel of your website in terms of logo, branding etc, can be linked to social media platforms, send push notifications such as school news, daily updates, important announcements and so on, as well as including appropriate content from your website such as your home page, about us, calendar, galleries and contact details, and initial submission to Android and Apple stores. Some of the more experienced app designers also offer a bespoke design service so you can introduce more customisation to suit your individual circumstances.

Maximise your ‘user experience’

Seamlessly integrating with your existing website, a purpose-designed school app keeps everyone in the loop 24/7. It’s a highly convenient and secure technology, providing instant data access for everyone in part of your community.

INCO is a leading designer of school apps

"Mobile apps are definitely the future”, Head of Business Development for INCO, a respected web, marketing and mobile app specialist for schools. “A mobile app is in line with modern day trends and is useful for generating instant and positive PR and awareness. We provide both standard and custom-designed apps for schools that can be downloaded for free by parents, for both iPhone and Android users. It’s a strong, front-end marketing and 2-way communication tool that can make a real difference to how your community interacts."

Call INCO today to find out how our experts can help to create your very own school app – uniting your community and maintaining effective communication. Telephone us on 03330 124 907.

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