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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

Most people who view your website do so via a mobile device. So should you be doing anything to make life easier for them?

blog school website on your mobile device

Over 50% of the people who access your school website will do so on what is now known as a mobile device. Which is to say a smart phone or a tablet.

But does that make any difference to the school?

My answer is yes - because although your school's website might look ok when viewed on a computer, it might not look ok - indeed it might not even work properly - when viewed on a mobile device.

Which is why it is vital that your school website is accessible and readable by the majority of parents, governors, pupils and teachers who are using mobile devices.

And this in turn is why every school website that INCO designs and develops is accessible in mobile format so that it is visible and works perfectly, no matter how the user is viewing the site.

But there's more.

You may well be fully familiar with such things as Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps. If so, you'll know their importance. If not, we can certainly work through such issues with you, to ensure that your site runs smoothly for every user.

Indeed we can also provide a school mobile app version of the website which covers key areas such as school information, news, events, and contacts or a "full" mobile web app version of the website that covers all content on the website. This will mean that any member of the school will be able to get key information from the school's site, whether the individual is using a desktop computer or a mobile phone in the most user-friendly manner.

Additionally we will also help you keep up-to-date with an ever-changing technology including the use of Native and Mobile Web Apps.

But please don't worry if such terminology is not something with which you are familiar. We will be happy to take you through each option so that you can see the benefits of catering for each development.

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