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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

School Branding Matters

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How you present yourself greatly influences what people think about you. And that applies just as much to schools and academy trusts as it does to businesses. That’s why it’s so important to create the right brand experience that conveys the real essence of your vision, values and learning ethos.

Be consistent

Whether you’re a large, inner-city academy with thousands of pupils, village primary school or an established business, your brand needs to impress on many different levels. Carefully thought-out and delivered, it should flow through your website, printed material, signage, social media presence, photography and other marketing collateral.

In these competitive and changing times for the education sector, a professional, consistent and recognisable brand promotes a trust and belief in all that you do and it’s a topic that many schools are discussing.

Professionally presenting your brand infers that you are serious about what you do. If you impress, you will be able to recruit the right staff, attract the best students and secure the respect of your community.

Reinvigorating and inspiring your talent

But it’s not just about attracting new interest. A different or fresh approach can reinvigorate your present staff, pupils and stakeholders and create a new confidence, engagement and togetherness from within - a confidence that inspires achievement and promotes a common identity.

Good branding is infectious

Creating a brand that makes your entire community feel like they are part of something special is really infectious. Done well, their belief and enthusiasm will rub off on others.

A brand needs to be powerful, functional, recognisable, but ultimately believable and a true representation of your uniqueness. If it isn’t, it stands little chance of succeeding.

There is no shortage of experts that can help with branding and re-branding advice. INCO Education is a name that many schools have trusted in the past.

"We create brands that embody you and your uniqueness. Every school is different and, therefore, each challenge is unique and a chance for us to explore fresh ideas and new possibilities", INCO.

INCO doesn’t promote stock designs, phrases or logos – we start with a blank canvas and a discussion with you so that we can find out what makes you special. From concept to completion, everything that we suggest, create or recommend is designed to truly reflect your strengths, excellence and personality."

So you see, school branding does matter and can shape your future – it matters on every level.

Becoming an academy in the near future? This is a fantastic opportunity to re-brand, to innovate and to create an exciting environment where expectations are high and youngsters go onto achieve great things.

Does your school want to re-invent its brand experience? Contact INCO Education to find out how we can help.

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