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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

Showcase your school through video

blog show your school through video

Many schools are starting to see the power of digital media to promote themselves. Using video as a medium for marketing the school is becoming increasingly popular because it offers a tangible way of showcasing the core values of the school to their target audience. When done correctly videos have the power to entertain, inform and promote active engagement of parents, pupils, stakeholders and the local community. So, with this in mind, what are the considerations for creating a school promotional video and what are the practicalities?

For a school promotional video to work well then appropriate thought needs to be given to the planning of the video, how to shoot it, the skill of the editing and the sharing and distribution of the video or videos as the case may be.

This is where Inco Education can help you. We have many years experience of creating videos for schools. We know what works, what doesn't work, and crucially, how to make sure your videos get seen.

Increase engagement through video

Your videos need to complement the other marketing activity you do and be in line with your overall school branding so that the message doesn't get lost. Videos can be used to create a visual prospectus, to showcase school events and fundraising activity, to demonstrate school activities, to create virtual tours and produce video newsletters. They are also a great way to get students involved. By planning for them to be a key part of the videos through communicating positive messages about the school and giving them a voice you encourage their engagement and gain stronger commitment to school values.

When it comes to the sharing and distribution of your videos then sites like YouTube and Vimeo are ideal outlets for getting them seen. Through active promotion on other social media sites you can target your video at specific audiences and generate interest in your school.

The distribution of your videos gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your school for future recruiting, to promote events and activities, and to raise your profile. By creating a YouTube channel and displaying your school branding on the site you will start to significantly enhance your online presence and through the creation of videos that are informative, entertaining and engaging, your videos will be seen more, shared more, generate more traffic to your website and give you a unique opportunity to get your school seen and heard by a wide audience.

Attract a wide audience

Marketing your school through video is an excellent way of demonstrating the attributes of your school, the talent of your staff, the quality of your facilities and the abilities of your students. By getting that message across to a wide audience you will be able to increase your influence with parents and stakeholders and attract more students.

At Inco Education we offer a comprehensive video production service and we can advise you on how best to present your school to an online audience. To find out more please contact us now onĀ 03330 124 907 or alternatively you can email us at

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