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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

The way in which people view a school is dependent on certain specific factors

blog the way people view a school

Schools are seen in different ways by different people. Some will perceive the school as friendly, some will find it effective, others will see it as modern, some perhaps as outgoing...

But what actually causes people to see the school in different ways?

Obviously the physical look of the place has a considerable influence, but that is not all, for one of the biggest influences on how people see the school is the rather amorphous notion of what we might call the "look and feel".

Look and feel is in part delivered by student behaviour in and around the school. It is also delivered by local newspaper coverage, by what parents and students say on Facebook, and so on. It is in effect the sum of each individual's experience of the school.

But what can one do about the look and feel of a school? After all, one can't change the individuals who work there and who get their education there. The buildings too are normally fairly fixed. So is there anything to be done?

Perhaps surprisingly there is a way of enhancing the school's reputation without advertising. This is through the school's website. Indeed the way the website projects the school can have a huge impact on how people see the school.

For some the dominant factor will be the ease with which they find what they are looking for. Others will be impressed by the design, which shows off the school at its best.

Others will be interested in the school's record on homework completion, others in the level of learning beyond the school, and some may be moved by the extent of the school's playing fields.

In short, the website is one of the most cost-effective channels of communication.

And of course increasing numbers of people today access websites via mobiles and tablets so the availability of app versions of the website is important.

Bringing such modernisation to your website gives parents greater ease and speed of access to the site, allowing them to access your information in their own way, using their own choice of device.

Clearly every change to a website needs to be "cost effective", and fortunately keeping abreast of technological trends is not necessarily expensive if one uses the right firm to do this - a company that is itself involved in the research and development of such areas.

Of course, redesigning the school's website does include an outlay of expenditure but spreading the initial set up cost of a website over a 3-4 year period (which is the average shelf life of a website in terms of design) means that it can be a very modest cost for a school in the grand scheme of things.

We have worked on a significant number of school websites, ensuring always that the website reflects the image of the school that the school wishes to project.

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