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This section offers some useful articles on how schools and colleges can improve their online presence.

Web design services for MATs and Academies – maximising economies of scale


Improvement is strongest when schools work together as demonstrated by the MAT model (Multi Academy Trust). There is a growing belief that it makes sense for schools to work with likeminded partners so that talents, governance and expertise can be shared.

But how does an academy go about maintaining its own brand identity when it’s part of a wider group?  And what of the cost benefits, (if there are any), in terms of working with a web design partner that can deliver a site, or multiple sites, that meet the expectations of each academy?

The emerging education landscape

INCO Education is no stranger to the diversity and challenges presented by the emerging education landscape. We are now working with a number of MATs and Academies that have different and diverse needs in terms of what they want to spend, and how they want their website to look.

For example, some of our MAT members want to maintain their own brand identity, whilst subtly referring to their wider membership of a MAT. Other MATs want a more cohesive and uniform design approach with each school/academy website consistently portraying their MAT branding and vision.

Whichever scenario, it takes an understanding of what each MAT/member wants to achieve and then proposing the best fit option and approach.

Maximising economies of scale

"We never make assumptions before we’ve consulted with the MAT, or Academy," INCO said. "We understand that schools will want different things and are also looking for a financial arrangement that is beneficial to them. Our business is committed to doing what it needs to do, to provide dynamic, cost effective solutions to Academies and MATs, and making sure they benefit due to economies of scale. We can engage with each individual member school of the MAT, or the lead school within the MAT, depending on how we are requested to approach each scenario."

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