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What makes a brilliant school website?

blog what makes brilliant school website

Take a look around the internet at the websites of the schools in your area, and the chances are you will see a variety of different styles, approaches and designs.

Which leads to the obvious question: which is the right one for your school? Is it just a case of having a website that you and your colleagues think looks right, or is there more to it than having the right feel?

Our view is that choosing the right style and approach for a school website goes beyond the basic appeal. The simple fact is that websites have different functions for different people and the key questions should always be: can each of the people using the site find what they want easily, while at the same time being impressed by the way in which the site is presented.

So, with existing parents we might ask, can they find out about term dates, after school clubs, upcoming events, etc. Does the website actively reduce the number of calls that the school office gets - because parents are finding what they need on the site?

Additionally the website is an ideal way to promote your school to potential new parents. By including information on school achievements, Ofsted reports and prospectuses, the school can be made to look professional and welcoming, as well as, once again, giving all the information that the parents want.

But there is another issue. No matter how well your website has been designed in the first place, after a while the site will need to be refreshed. For example, new information may have been added to the home page, making what was once an easy to read site something that is now hard to follow.

Which leads on to the thought that it is also crucial for the website to be easy to update for all members of staff, without the additions interfering with the design. And this updating needs to be easy, even for those with limited IT knowledge. Once the website is up and running it will be easy to add content such as text, video, images and social media links.

And this is why we not only offer to build you a website from scratch we also offer a structured training plan, through which we train anyone who will need to use and change the site on a regular basis.

We can successfully deliver a cutting edge website and remote training to any School in any part of the World where English is the primary language.

Please call +44 (0) 3330 124 907 for a no obligation discussion on how we can develop your website so that it reduces pressure on the school office, while acting as an exciting and interesting window on the school.

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