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Photography & Videos

Photos and videos can connect on a deeper level than other types of media and, done right, is a highly effective way to reach your school goals.

We build all our multimedia content on best practices and the latest research, a deep understanding of your audience’s psychology, and the needs of your school to inform every step from planning to production to distribution.

School Photography

Good quality photos, video footage and imagery are imperative to the success of your website, prospectus, newsletter, social media campaign and other marketing projects.

They add a new visual dimension and let your personality shine through.

They say each picture tells it’s own story. That’s what our photographers aim to do - take natural, imaginative footage of young people working, learning and enjoying education!

We’ll arrange all of the fine details such as the shoot schedule, and ensure that we don’t cause any disruption on the day.

Any images or video footage that we take will only be used when approved by you.

Video Production

Create a sense of the big screen in your school with one of our video production packages.

We’ll take care of everything, from planning and pre-fliming, right through to delivering the completed product in a variety of formats, i.e: DVD, Blu-Ray.

Any footage that we take can also be used on your website. INCO generally recommends that videos are posted on Vimeo or YouTube. We can then embed them onto your school website using the streaming facilities from these providers.

In our experience, the most effective videos all have three things in common: an integrated video strategy, a results-focused video, and a marketing or communications plan that gets the most out of the video content to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act.

Virtual Tours

INCO provides stand-alone 360° spins that can be embedded onto your school website or a complete 360° panoramic tour of your building.

Either way, it’s a great way of wowing your audience and showcasing different aspects of your school building and facilities. The process of developing a panoramic tour involves creation of a two-tier map of the school, with multiple clickable rooms/areas.

Each area or room opens into a 360° panorama with an information display, inset with relevant tabs and links. The room’s panorama can also include defined hotspots linking to photographs, documents and alternative views.

Contact us for more details about our photography, video production and virtual tour packages.

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