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School Branding

Effective branding is an important part of your school’s communication strategy and future.

Educators now need to build their own brand identity and be consisent in applying it, if they are to stand out from the competition. Here at INCO, we firmly believe that a robust brand can grow your reputation and secure your future success.

Logo Design

Your school logo is the face of your brand and it’s on everything from your headed paper, through to the signage above your door, so it’s important to get the design right.

A new logo can herald the beginning of a new chapter in the life of your school. Done well, it will help create a professional image that truly reflects your values and identity.

INCO designers understand the importance of your logo and will work with you to develop a range of dynamic, identifiable visuals that get to the heart of what you are about.

Branding Guidelines

Establishing a strong brand is an important task for any progressive educator.

For those people that are unfamiliar with you, adopting a brand is a real opportunity to build trust, convey your personality and define your learning culture.

Members of your existing community too will benefit from strong and consistent use of branding as it promotes a sense of ownership and belonging. This is a good platform for positive learning and cooperation.

Our starting point for building your brand is to ask: How do you want others to perceive you? From there, we can begin to explore how best to create your brand and market it.

Why does my school need a strong brand?

Delivers a clear message

Establishes a credibility

Emotionally connects with your community

Creates motivation and a desire to choose you

Consolidates loyalty for future generations


Great copy can make or break the success of your school website, prospectus, leaflet or marketing material.

If it’s overly wordy, it’s not going to be read and if it’s too brief, it could lose meaning and impact.  It’s very hard to strike the right balance. Copywriting at its best is persuasive, powerful and can win over an audience. We’re very aware, however, that many schools don’t have the time or resources to generate their own content.

Persuasive, Powerful Copy

INCO understands that it takes time to develop compelling copy that people want to read. That’s why we are offering customers the opportunity to use one of our experienced copywriters.

Whether we’re working with your draft copy or given a free licence, we’ll create the words that engage, inspire and connect with your audience.



Proofreading & Copy Editing

Our advice is to check it, check it again and give it a final check!

Any school document that has unnecessary errors in it can cause confusion and ultimately have a negative effect on how your brand is perceived. It’s all too easy to miss something important and skim read your proof, particularly if you’re short of time.

Our professional proofreaders are all editing experts that can spot a mistake instantly! They are trained to locate and correct errors, as well as enhance the quality of what they review in terms of fluidity, use of repetitious words and grammar.

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