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School Marketing

Adopting a cohesive marketing approach helps you to differentiate your school and create a sense of value and brand identity.

From eye-catching signage and regular newsletters, to establishing a following on social media platforms, professional marketing is imperative for you to succeed.

Social Media

Reach out with Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and it has become an important way for people to connect and keep in touch.

Whether it’s a pain on your side or something that you use daily, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can really benefit your school if used as part of a structured marketing campaign.

Web-based social forums are free to use and offer an unparalleled platform for communicating. Most can be readily accessed and, over time, can help to grow your school’s brand and deliver important information quickly and effectively.

INCO helps schools to maximise the use of social media in many different ways. We can formulate and implement a social media strategy in consultation with you and also handle day to day activity such as posting images/messages on your behalf, create chat forums and create/upload regular news/blog articles to keep your community fully engaged.


A school newsletter should be fun, factual and crammed full of useful snippets about school life.

We think that a newsletter is a great way of building positive relationships with stakeholders and parents. It’s a useful forum for publishing the results of your sporting fixtures, shouting about exam successes and promoting what year groups are up to.

Our school newsletters are carefully planned, designed and printed to the highest standard. We write copy that has a voice and styled for school children and parents so it’s not a chore to read!

Newsletter Example

Signage & Print Formats

Professional signage that is skill-fully designed and manufactured can make a powerful and lasting impression.

Done properly, it can create instant brand appeal and recognition.

INCO provides a boutique of affordable marketing services including stationery, business cards, letterheads, flyers and leaflets, prospectuses, brochures and folders, posters, exhibition panels, POS, display boards and reception/showroom graphics.

Designed just for you and created using the latest technology, each project is finished to the highest standard and competitively priced.

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