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School Prospectus

Despite the rise in popularity of social media and digital marketing, your school prospectus remains an important promotional tool that helps convey your unique offering to prospective parents.

That’s why we always start with a blank canvas each time we begin a new job.

School Prospectus Design

INCO understands that no two prospectuses are ever the same because no two schools are identical.

We want your prospectus to ooze your individual personality and character. We will achieve this by using a combination of carefully chosen visuals, images and graphics, alongside great content to showcase different aspects of your learning environment.

Remember that your prospectus copy needs to connect with new parents rather than just telling them the facts. Need help? Our professional copywriters can help you find an approach that works for you.

Interactive Prospectus

Save yourself the hassle and expense associated with postage fees and admin costs, by converting your prospectus into an interactive document that can be sent electronically.

It’s friendlier to the environment and a much more efficient way of getting your information out.

If you need to get your prospectus to a parent quickly then sending an interactive prospectus is a perfect solution. This can be done as an email attachment or accessed from your website in an online "Page-flipper" format.

Your interactive prospectus will be in a familiar format, resembling your printed version, and can be viewed over and over again.

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