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Website Design & Development

A key tool in the promotion and success of any school is their website.

In fact, lots of our customers tell us it is one of the most important communication and marketing vehicles they have. INCO designs affordable, made to measure school websites that provide a dynamic, central focus for parents, students and stakeholders.

School Websites

Making a big first impression is a priority with a school website. It needs to excite and impress on different levels, appeal to different people, as well as provoking an instant curiosity.

Building a new school website is a fantastic opportunity to convey who you are, what you are offering and why your school is special. It can elevate your reputation as well as reflecting your recent achievements, values, ethos and learning culture.

We design and develop school websites that reflect your individual personality and character. On a daily basis, our creative prowess and technical wizardry are put to the test by schools seeking to build their own, bespoke communication hub.

Responsive Design

Your parents and students now access the web through a range of different devices hence why there is a greater need to ensure the layout of your school website offers the best possible browsing experience.

Each school website designed by INCO Education is accessible by you and your entire community in mobile format.

We also go one step beyond and equip you with a fully responsive version of the school website and optimised layouts for access on mobile phones and tablets.

What you can expect from an INCO responsive school website:

  • Easy viewing irrespective of user's screen size - layouts adjust to fit.
  • Automatic navigation that adjusts to a user's device.
  • No necessity to sync when you update your website (via INCO CMS) your content is updated immediately for both desktop and mobile users.

Content Management System

Technology can be daunting, time-consuming and costly if it's not well managed.

That's why we developed INCO-CMS - a leading content management system that hundreds of educators across the UK are using.

We have been working with and developing our own content management systems for over a decade with combined creative flair and extensive technical insight, hence why we are recognised experts and leaders in this area. This sets us apart from other providers.

How will a CMS benefit my school?

A content management system ensures you can up-date, review and modify different parts of your website when you want, however frequently you need to - at office, at home or between the two!

With INCO-CMS you can take control and manage the content and images within your school website - without technical know-how. By doing the job yourself you will benefit from saving time and money. All you need to get started is a PC or notebook and an internet connection. Our INCO-CMS offering comes complete with application support, is fully hosted, features dedicated servers with RAID 1 mirroring, 24/7 server monitoring and daily back-up to a separate system.

INCO is also well versed in open source content management systems, including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

Website Features

  • Create, Review, Publish
  • Full Control over Website Content
  • Custom Visual Design
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Hierarchical Menu
  • Browser Independent
  • Virtual Tours and Photo Galleries
  • Video Integration (Vimeo / Youtube)
  • Social Media Integration (Twitter / Facebook)
  • Password Protected Areas
  • Powerful Search Facility
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Calendar and Events
  • Feed Import and Export (RSS)
  • Web Polls and Forums
  • Role Based Permissions & Access Restrictions
  • Workflow Mechanism
  • Content Scheduling
  • Version Control Mechanism
  • Cross Content Publishing
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Remote Support & Reduced Maintainence Costs
  • Unlimited Page Creation
  • Google Analytics Integration for Website Statistics & Analysis Facilities


Looking for ways of providing a better, more efficient service to parents? An INCO e-commerce solution could work for you.

From settling tuition fees, to generating additional revenue from the sale of merchandise, services, uniform and other special items, an online e-commerce system designed around your needs, is great for parents and even better for you!

We believe that busy parents would rather pay and order online than fill out forms, write out cheques and make unnecessary visits into school.

Likewise handling money, sending out paperwork and chasing payments can be a real admin burden. INCO can create a fully automated solution designed for schools, colleges, universities and HE institutions, that enables you to have complete power and control over your web content and financial transactions.

Why use an e-commerce solution?

  • Maximises your resources/finances by securing greater efficiencies, ie: less paperwork and money handling, fewer admin tasks, easier reconciliation etc.
  • Get paid on time with the ease of making an online payment.
  • Extends your service offering by helping families to buy, pay for items and settle tuition fees on the go, in a quick and convenient way.

If e-commerce is on your agenda, give us a call. We can then chat through the options available and recommend the best way forward for your school.


Can your school be found?

What good is your school website if it can’t be found when it’s Googled?

We will work with you to ensure you get a high search engine ranking to drive traffic towards your site.

INCO builds search-engine friendly sites! We prefer to address SEO thought. This gives your website the best possible chance of higher rankings, enhanced brand visibility and a better market reach.

If however, you have an existing site that ranks poorly, give us a call. We can find ways of optimising your content so you start to benefit from increased solutions during the design and development phase rather than as an after traffic.


Equality Act 2010 - Is your website accessible?

A compliant website should have no limitations with regards to usability. This includes people with disabilities.

Did you know that present legislation requires websites to be designed in a way that encourages easy accessibility and use by all, irrespective of whether a user has a disability.

Whilst The Equality Act 2010 is wide-ranging, it’s particularly important to review your school website’s content, formatting and navigation system all respond to relevant requirements.

Why develop an accessible website?

  • Gain more search engine recognition and enjoy better rankings.
  • Improve the usability of your school website.
  • Have peace of mind that you are legally compliant.
  • INCO undertakes free website audits that provide recommendations on how your school website can be improved to comply with current legislation.


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